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1. What is the difference between the two programs?
The Basic program was designed for individuals with little or no experience with antimicrobial stewardship whereas the advanced program is meant for those already involved with basic stewardship activities and initiatives and wish to take their skills and programs to a higher level.

2. Do I need to take the Basic training program prior to the Advanced program?
No. It is left to the judgment of the prospective participant to determine the most appropriate training program for their needs and interest. The program descriptions and learning objectives presented elsewhere on this website provide information useful to making this determination.

3. Can either program be completed online?
At this time, only the Basic Program can be completed online.

4. Do I have to participate in the teleconferences in order to complete the basic program?
No. The teleconferences are currently on hold. Please contact with any questions.

5. What is the purpose of the practical component (practicum)?
Our Antimicrobial Stewardship Training Programs meet all Accreditation Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) standards for “practice based programs”. An integral component and requirement of such programs is the requirement that the participant demonstrates not only that he or she has acquired new knowledge but can apply it in practice. Thus, the practical component (or “practicum”) must be completed after the first two parts of the program have been successfully finished.

6. How/when do I get instructions for logging into the training website?
When you register online for either program, you indicate your form of payment. Once your payment “clears” (usually within 2 business days), you will receive a communication via email acknowledging your registration and providing instructions for accessing our training website and establishing your user account.

7. How long does it take to have CE credit reported to NABP/CPE Monitor once I have completed a program component?
In general, reports will be transmitted to NABP/CPE Monitor within four weeks of component completion. PDF certificates can be prepared upon request.

8. Do I earn CE credit even if I don’t complete the entire program?
Yes, you earn continuing education credit for each program component/part successfully completed, independent of completion of the entire training program.

9. In what time frame must either program be completed?
From an educational standpoint, the shorter the time to complete the entire program, the better (18 months or less). We understand, however, that at times it may be difficult to devise and initiate, let alone complete and evaluate a stewardship project or initiative in a prescribed period of time. Nonetheless, we ask that participants complete their practical component within one year of finishing the didactic component of their program.

10. Are group discounts available?
Yes, discounts are offered when groups of five or more from the same organization register as a good. Groups of ten or more receive an even larger discount. As our registration website is unable to accommodate multiple registrations from a single institution as a single transaction, you must contact us directly for specific instructions. Please contact Alicia Hanrahan at 203-395-4587 for assistance.

11. Can more than one participant from the same institution use the same project/initiative for their practical component?

In general, each participant should have their own, unique stewardship project or initiative to satisfy the requirements of the practical component. However, in cases in which a project is large and more than one participant plays a vital role in its execution, two or perhaps three participants could share in the credit. To be certain that such is the case, participants are encouraged to contact one of the members of the Scientific Committee (Dr. Rybak or Dr. LaPlante) to ensure that the project is sufficient for more than one individual prior to starting the practical component.

12. How do I submit my practicum and complete the program?
Full instructions for completing the practicum are available (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD). You must submit a completed coversheet (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD), a letter describing your project which should be counter- /co-signed by an individual in authority who is attesting that you completed the work (e.g., head of stewardship program, chair of P&T Committee, Pharmacy Director), and any supporting materials that you think illustrate activities or products of the program. Once an acceptable report, fulfilling the requirements of the program is received, it will generally be reviewed within two weeks and a certificate of completion will be mailed to you. Earned continuing pharmacy education (if applicable) will be reported.

13. Who should I contact with further questions about the program, difficulties with the training site or continuing education credit?


For general questions:

For program registration:
Alicia Hanrahan, CMP
Phone: 203-395-4587

For Continuing Education credit:
Ali Hendren, Director of Continuing Education

For technical/training website issues:

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